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Welcome to Andrew J. Martinez Photography

Marine Life of the North Atlantic AppAndrew J. Martinez Photography specializes in images of the natural world.  His photos present images of destinations and lifestyles, documenting life on land and underwater. He has traveled and photographed in many of the world’s beautiful tropical islands from the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. Martinez has also spent years capturing images of people and culture of many lands. As a lifelong resident of New England he has compiled one of the largest files of high quality images of marine life behavior from New England and Eastern Canadian.

As part of our ongoing commitment to serve our customers better, we have created this web site. The site was two years in the making. Thousands of images have been scanned, captioned, identified, and logged for our online database. At the time of launch, the web site has a searchable library of nearly 2,000 images. Presently, we have over 5,000 images. Although the online selection is great, we have many slides in our photo library which may not have been entered into our database and are unavailable online. Simply contact us to do a custom image search for you.

Whether browsing the pre-made galleries or doing your own image search, you will have the ability to add any image to your "lightbox." The lightbox is your own custom gallery. As long as you use the same computer, it will automatically remember what is in your lightbox. As an added convenience for you, we have added the ability for you to submit your lightbox to us at Andrew J. Martinez Photography. We can instantly see the same images you are looking at and answer any questions that you might have.

Enjoy the site, and please contact us with any questions or comments.

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